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Welcome to your Shady Lane!

About Our Homeowners Association:

Shady Lane is a community where you and your family can comfortably sleep at night knowing that you're always being watched and monitored by us, the dedicated board of the Homeowners Association. 

We set the rules, so you don't have to.

Modern Architecture
Brick house


Discover the joys of living in a safe and secure community at Shady Lane! Here, you'll find the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're being watched over. Be sure to pay your dues on time and attend meetings to stay connected with your neighbors and support the community.

Security Cameras


Shady Lane Homeowners Association is dedicated to creating a better future for our community. We have a number of exciting projects in the works that will help us create a safe, attractive, and vibrant place to call home. We're looking to the future to keep this community thriving, and we invite you to read more about our projects and how you can be involved. Don't ignore us when we take photos of you.

Security Cameras
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